360-degree Measurement

A 360-degree measurement provides honest and concrete feedback on a person's strengths and development areas. The person assesses him-/herself in a number of competences and core areas, and this assessment is compared with the respondents' responses. Respondents may be other managers, colleagues, employees, suppliers, customers, or other internal and external stakeholders.


360-degree feedback focuses on behavior and allows for a nuanced and concrete assessment, not an either or, but to what degree. It is direct and normative, making it possible to assess the impact of interventions, for example as pre- and post-measurements are in connection with leadership development or as continuous monitoring of management quality.


The 360-degree process looks like this:


360 degree analysis EN

Step 1 - Preparing a question frame and report

The question frame contains 25-30 tailored questions, which can be answered in less than 10 minutes. The questions are tailored to the company so that they accurately assess the manager according to the leadership behaviour you want in everyday life.

Once the question framework has been prepared, the cover letter, link and password are sent electronically to the focus person himself and to the respondents, who must be carefully selected to ensure a true, fair and objective result.

The final step in the pre-phase is to set up the 360-degree report by deciding the scale on which the focus people should be measured and the layout of the report.  


Step 2 - Distribution and filling in of questionnaires

Questions and data on focus people and respondents are uploaded into the system and answered within about 1 week.

The data is compiled into a report that is easily readable and gives a clear picture of their own and respondents' perceptions of behavior and focus areas, and it also makes it possible to compare the responses of several respondents. In addition, data can be compared across the organization.


Step 3 - Feedback to the focus people

Brandculture provides each focus person with feedback on the report in dialogue form. In addition to being presented with the actual results of the 360-degree measurement, it is important that the focus person relates to the key areas of the report and reflects on their own behavior.

The conversation is based on the focus person's  strengths, as it creates the best starting point for development. Later in the conversation,  the person's development areas are discussed, and the conversation ends by writing down the conclusions and making an action plan. Each conversation typically lasts 1 hour.


Step 4 - Follow-up

After all managers have received feedback on the 360-degree measurement, Brandculture presents the company's  top management with the following:

  1. The main conclusions of the 360-degree measurements from a business perspective
  2. Recommendations for strengthening the company's  business
  3. Presentation of future development programme, if that has been the purpose of the measurement


Brandculture has extensive experience in completing 360-degree measurements for both small and large employee groups, and we are happy to share that experience with you.


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