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If you have doubts about whether an employee group or department has the right skills to meet the future, the competencies and work habits can be tested in an a  assessment center tailored to the company. Generic competences are measured, but also very function-specific competences are being tested and measured , which form the basis for an in-depth mapping of the specific competences that one wishes to be analyzed.


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Initially, a number of situations and disciplines are defined. The group of employees must be able to handle and prepare them on the basis of specific tasks to be solved at the assessment centre. For example, if the employee group is managers, there will typically be tasks at both strategic, tactical and operational level. The assessment centre is built with a number of stations, where the solving the task is primarily performed  individually, but group tasks may in some cases also be relevant. Most tasks are written, but there may also be issues that are better suited to be performed "live", for example with actors  or directors. For example, it can be disciplines such as meeting management, the tough 1-on-1, professional sparring, business negotiation etc.


A similar approach applies when the purpose of the assessment center is employee training. However, the duration will typically be 2-3 days, buts tests of competencies can be carried out in 1 day.


Brandculture has developed a method of carrying out assessments and a form of reporting that provides important insights into the company and the employees and managers involved. Depending on the specific issue,  an assessment centre can be part of a process that also includes:


  1. 360-degree measurement
  2. Personality profiles
  3. Qualitative interviews


In addition to providing the organization with important learning and  knowledge, it is also a motivating process for the employees involved, if done in the right way.


Read more about the method and reporting to top management here







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