Competence Profiles

Tailor-made competency profiles are easily the most value-adding HR tool in Brandculture's  toolbox. Because the tool is clear and performance-oriented, the effect can be read on both the top and bottom line.


There can be many reasons for developing competency profiles in companyone. Overlap between functions, new organisational structure, unclear expectations between managers and employees, or the desire for better management of the effect in the development of competences, just to name a few.



What you as a company can obtain,  among other things, from competency profiles are:


  • A clearer role clarification in specific functions and between functions
  • 1-on-1s taken to a new level because the dialogue becomes concrete and actionable
  • Development of the company’s performance at the departmental level and individually is more precisely controlled 
  • Incentive programs with competence profiles as a partner, a clear framework and tool is given to measure the performance


Most companies are adept at target management at the performance level when it comes to results - but working with objectives at the standards of performance and work behavior level lags. It is a pity, because it is precisely through a focus on the right work behavior that the results are created.


Brandculture has extensive experience in facilitating the process to develop competence profiles. We are also happy to share our experience on the implementation and use of the tools so that they works in all parts of the organization.  

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