Personality Profiles

Personality analysis is a tool to analyze human behavioral style and drivers. The analyses help create a common language in the organization, increase self-understanding and help in making people learn how to adapt their behavior in specific situations and towards others.


The personal analysis provides understanding and insight into the behavior and motivation of employees or job candidates. The flexible report options allow you to use the tool in all possible situations that focus on communication, behavior, management, teamwork and motivation.


Sales and communication

With insight and understanding of behavior and motivation, the focus person is given tools to be able to target the message more accurately, for example  in sales. This can be used in sales departments, customer service, as well as  for  better teamwork and minimizing conflicts at all levels.



Personality analysis is also an obvious tool to use for recruitment, because it reduces the risk of costly mistakes when it comes to recruitment. How does  the candidate's style of behavior fit into the team she is to be part of, and  will she even work with tasks that motivate  her in everyday life? The tool  reduces the risk of costly mis-hiring by being at the forefront of the focus person's behavior and motivational drivers.



Personality profiles and terminology  can also be used as an active management tool to increase quality of communication between managers and employees. As a leader, it is essential to be able to adapt and hand over your message in a way to suit the situation and the recipient.


The report can be either standard report or customizes to a given purpose or situation, and  typically contains :

Personprofiler leder


Graphs and the diamond

Provides a quick visual image of the person's preferred and customized behavior, as well as the energy consumption associated with customizing behavior.


Text page

Description of how others see the person in relation to a number of topics such as motivational factors, ideal parenting, communication order and decision-making.



Shows what strengths the person has behaviorally, what motivates the person and what the person typically tries to avoid, as well as how the person is likely to react under intense pressure.


Comfortable and flexible zones

A graphic showing how much energy the person uses in different areas of behaviour.


Graphic page

The page describes both graphically and in text about the person's preferences in relation to a number of statements in headings: "Task Description", "Decision Making", "Communication" and "Being motivated by".


Interview question

That can serve as inspiration for what questions the returner can ask the person.

Knowing the terminology makes communication and workflows less randome- as itbecomes clearer- how to communicate- and what motivates the individual. If work is far removed from their preferred behavioural style, the person's energy level will decrease more quickly. A knowledge that can be used actively in everyday life for both employees and managers, but also to illuminate, how a job candidate will feel about his future work tasks.

The focus person can answer and receive the analysis electronically in a variety of languages.


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