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Brandculture ApS


Pionervej 2, DK-3520 Farum


+45 22 77 17 25


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32 30 40 28

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Danske Bank


Konde, Chartered Accountant


Brandculture is a company focused on living the company's brand. We believe that you cannot simply communicate a brand but must live it and let it be expressed in the meeting with customers and other stakeholders with the company and its employees.


The results come as a result of the culture and thus the behavior of any meeting with customers reflecting the brand. Customer focus thus becomes a central concept in most of the processes and tasks that we are part of with our customers.


Our tasks and projects have many names and headings. Some of them are about:


- Business and marketing

- Strategy and corporate culture

- Implementation and execution

- Key Account Management, strategic sales and negotiation techniques

- B2B, retail and service industries

- Sales management and processes around the development of the company's sales and marketing organization

- Design and development of companies' competence strategy

- Facilitating networking groups and personal advice to managers and directors

- Development and optimization of service and companies from the experience economy

- Product Management


The services can be both consultancy and concrete project execution, but can also be in the form of facilitation, process management and training.




The concept of Brand Culture is defined in Wikipedia as follows:

"Brand culture is a company culture in which employees "live" the brand values, to solve problems and make decisions internally, and deliver a branded customer experience externally. It is the desired outcome of an internal branding, internal brand alignment or employee engagement effort that elevates beyond communications and training.
A brand in order to be relevant to consumers and sustainable over time must operate much like a culture. A company must develop an ethos and a worldview that it absolutely believes in and then should act in accordance with it. Everything the company does - every product or service it offers, every public statement, advertisement, website, internal policy, memo and business decisions it makes must be congruent with that ethos and worldview."
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