Performance Development

How do you ensure a constant learning organization?


Many companies have sought answers to that question over the years. For it is a difficult but at the same time important task. And there are four good reasons for this, according to a large study from Gallup:


  • A huge flow of information
  • Globalisation, and
  • Technology
    • The jobs of the future will be shaped by extraordinary changes
    • Only 1 in 5 employees strongly agree that their company's current Performance Management systems motivate them
    • The current Performance Management systems do not provide the return on investment that they should
  • In particular, the new generation of workers is demanding a new approach that will ensure a continuous development of their skills – and the brightest choose to work specifically  in the company, which has a plan for performance  development.


Brandculture has implemented Performance Development in Danish and international companies. Our working method includes white papers, tools and a facilitation process, which are centered around this model:


Performance development

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