Leadership Development

Organizations must be geared up for the future and designed to enable employees to perform their tasks effectively. It requires good leadership.


Management is about adding to the situation what it lacks. That is why good managers push the decisions out to the employees closest to the solution and support them when necessary. They understand that professional sparring and feedback is part  of  the employees' development and  they manage to give it at eye level, but at the same time be very clear about it.


WomanSkilled managers remove friction by providing resources to continuously improve the systems and processes that will make everyday work smooth and efficient.


As in other subjects, management is a discipline that needs to belearned. This applies to new managers who need the basic toolbox, and this applies to experienced managers  who can benefit from the latest knowledge in specific  fields or perhaps just are in need  of a new “spark” - because the autopilot has taken over.


But how is leadership development approached?


Leadership development must be closely linked to the company's strategic objectives and planning because they provide a natural and meaningful foundation. By tailoring the development process to the company's situation and the requirements of the market, the process is both present and more measurable. Not only in relation to result targets, which most companies are adept at managing, but especially  in relation to targets for standards of performance that define the path to performance creation.


A focus and a derived effect in the leadership development process  is often on improved collaboration across the organization's silos. A common language and synchronisation of the stakeholders towards common goals and with customers at the center, may be needed. This is typically an integral part of the process.


If it is unclear which themes the leadership development program should focus on, a 360-degree measurement followed by qualitative conversations with readback to the leaders can provide great insight to both the company and the manager himself.


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