Many companies have come along well with the digital transformation. But what is still missing? How do we get one step further? And how do we anchor digitalization and make all the gains?


Throughout the value chain, the benefits of digitalization have been reaped. But the vast majority of companies still have a long way to go. Mapping is the first step in getting a plan for what should be prioritized as the next sub-projects, while at the same time getting the long-term visions on the work. In order to succeed, it can be very beneficial to engage employees in parts of the work, so that a high degree of readiness for change and a more both visionary and agile culture is created.


Whether digitalization lies in the products themselves and the business models that are used on the products, or it is in the company's processes, digitalization has consequences that open up new possibilities. But it has to be handled properly, it has to be managed – and it has to be linked so that it becomes a holistic effort.


Wherever the company is in the digital transformation, have a chat with Brandculture and take inspiration from other companies' experiences as well as a picture of a roadmap for the next direction in the company's continued digitalization.

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