Pricing & Profit Optimization

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Profitability improvement through improved price management


One of the strongest factors to activate for company management is pricing.


At the strategic level, the choice of business model and the choice of positioning for the products are of great importance, just as the channel selection plays.


At the tactical level, the choice of price structure, discount and bonus structures and the practical rules for each operator's pricing mandates are essential, just as the actual pricing in relation to price elasticity is important.


At the operational level, it is the daily behaviour of the people with an influence on pricing that makes the difference.


Over the years, we have participated in profit margin improvements of up to 25% points in connection with optimizing the company's pricing.


When working on improvements, both the overall pricing complex or the individual elements of pricing can be addressed. If you want to address the whole, the steps in the workflow look like this:


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After implementation comes the execution, where the company's middle management team has a large stake in helping and staying firm when the dilemmas arise.


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