Sales Development

Does the company have the sales setup to ensure the growth and development of the company in the coming years?


At the strategic level, it is about ensuring the right organisation, so that resources are used in the right places and on the right tasks. Here it is very much about priorities in the segmentation and linking of resources and not least in the choice of channels that can lift and support the efforts.


At the strategic level, it is also very much about – in close cooperation with product  management, marketing and logistics – having built the right portfolio and the right business models to go into the market with.


Finally, at a strategic level, it is about ensuring the right skills and developing the skills  and culture needed to succeed, including creating the right level of digitalization of efforts.


At the tactical level, it is about the classic virtues of the results model:


The results model


Crucial at the tactical level will be the company's ability to ensure prioritization and focus on what resources are being spent on, especially which customers and channels are spent time on.


In addition, work must be carried out continuously on the development of the quality of the efforts, so that new knowledge and skills are added. Processes and behaviors need to continuously being developed in order to grow results, develop business understanding and maintain the right prices.


Finally, the culture of the organisation means a great deal to the long-term achievement and retention of the talented people. What makes them want to give it an extra effort when that is required and what creates pride and enthusiasm?


Whether the need is a completely new sales strategic setup  or whether it is improving results in the current framework, it is Brandculture's  experience that the solution for the company needs to be tailored. No two companies need the same approach to create improved sales results.


Sales development is often one of the company's most lucrative investments.


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