The product strategy is one of the company's cornerstones. It is most often on the basis of it that the strategy of the company as a whole is formulated


The definition of the product portfolio and the business models to be used often become the focal point of the other functional strategies and business plans in the company.


Once the strategy is laid, the implementation and execution of the product strategy becomes essential to the success of the company as a whole. In the various functions, the silos are controlled, while the product management function ensures that the products flow efficiently across the silos.


This presupposes, on the one hand, that things are organized correctly, that the decided product strategy makes sense and that the execution is delivered by an organization that has the toolbox and the prerequisites in order.


Together with the company's top management and the other stakeholders in the company, product management will manage the work to formulate, implement and execute the product strategy

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The Product Management Triangle 

This means that product management must be able to master 3 disciplines, namely product strategy, product planning and product marketing. In addition, there are a number of general disciplines such as business understanding, application understanding, communication, etc., which, however, are to some extent industry- and company-specific.


In some companies, supplier management and strategic procurement are part of product management's work. In these companies there is a need for additional disciplines around purchasing, sourcing  and negotiations as part of the product management area.


In retail and in parts of the wholesaler level, products are often grouped in clusters, so that work is instead with category  management, where the management of the categories becomes the focal point, rather than the management of the individual product and product lines. The disciplines of  category management are often helped by strong data as basis for the decisions, so the work becomes very data driven. Brandculture's  experience is that you can not only base your work on data and suppliers' initiatives but must focus very much on the customer and the store/purchase situation in a more strategic approach to the work.


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