Strategy Implementation

Get down from the podium!


No strategies have ever been properly anchored because the director has spread the good message at a morning meeting. It's going to take a lot more.


Strategies need to be massaged into the organization. Successful implementation of the new strategy requires motivation, alignment  and momentum. A new strong strategy is itself without business  impact.



Motivation of both managers and employees to live out the strategy is established through early involvement in the strategy process. And, of course, not an easily transpar
ent pseudo-involvement, but  a real involvement that ensures ownership. The specific situation and the size of the company determines how the involvement should be made but selected resourceful employees at all levels should be included so that the organization is broadly represented. This strengthens  both the solutions and the anchoring. 


Resistance to change is a barrier in many companies. If this is the case with you, get more inspiration here.


Good communication is one of the keys to successful implementation, where companies can tick off these 3:


  • History – what is the purpose and why is the change necessary and good
  • Make sure to gain a few quick wins and tell the good stories on an ongoing basis when the new strategy translates into behavior
  • Formulate the strategy on 1 page



3 lessons  learned from real-world strategy implementations


  1. Companies underestimate how many resources need to be deployed to succeed
  2. Establish a "red is good" mindset, so employees tell their manager when something is not working as it should – even if it is nicer to be able to show off a lot of "green lights"
  3. Sprint – high decision and energy levels high– work in sprints


Through consulting  and facilitation, Brandculture helps organizations  implement the new strategy. If competence development is a prerequisite for success with the strategy, it can usefully be considered in the implementation. It's both better and cheaper. 


Read more about our approach to strategy development here.




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