Meeting Culture

Meetings take up a large part of the time of many managers and key employees. This means that improved meeting efficiency could dramatically boost the productivity of many companies.


There are 5 levels of improvement:


  • The company's meeting and conversation structure
  • The company's practical guidelines and tools for meetings
  • Meeting culture
  • Behavior of moderators leading the meetings
  • Behavior of each participant


The company's overall meeting and interview structure establishes the framework for the regular meetings and conversations, ensuring that the communication flow in the company goes all the way from top management to employees – and back again. See more here (link to Meeting and Conversation Structure)


The company's practical guidelines and tools for meetings are about your organization defining some guidelines "How to hold meetings", prepares some standard templates for meeting requests and meeting minutes, sets up principles for using Teams, OneNote, and so on.


The meeting culture is about how we usually hold meetings – and what behavior we often deliver. The culture can be changed if you twist the other 4 handles, if the top management takes the lead and you also ensure an implementation in the form of training.


The conduct of moderators is about competences and behavior before, during and after the meetings. It must be ensured that a proper basis of preparation is provided for the participants to be delivered so that they know what is expected of them and during the meeting, so that the meeting reaches the objective effectively.


The participants must exercise self-management and live up to the principles formulated for good attendance. If they have been given the skills and gone through a training course, then the level can be lifted dramatically.


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