Business Strategy

In developing a new strategy, it is about making the choices and the equally important opt-outs that give the company a competitive advantage. 


A methodical approach is needed, which Brandculture bases on 6 steps, of which the 6th is implementation:



3 lessons from real-world strategy processes


  • The good strategy development process ensures a large degree of ownership that is broadly based in the organization. When employees, often at all levels of the organization, are involved in an open and inclusive process, anchoring is already underway.
  • The customer perspective must be central to the process. Partly because most companies make a living from satisfied customers, partly because the customer perspective provides juice and power in implementation.
  • Keep the 20% of the activities in mind that generate 80% of the resultsand make decisions along the way.


Through analysis and facilitation, Brandculture helps organizations develop the new strategy. But in order not only to end up with a strong strategy document, which in itself is without business impact, the implementation must be thought through from the start. Read more about our approach to strategy implementation here.


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