Accelerating Growth

What does it take to accelerate the company's growth?


At the strategic level, you look at the big picture:


Ansoffs growth strategies ENb


Each segment is analyzed, and each product group is considered thoroughly to assess options, potentials and requirements for interventions.


One of the great opportunities here is to join forces with the marketing function and discuss new channels and opportunities facing the market.


Another option to be sought is to team up with product management and discuss new application areas, new opportunities through changed positions, and pricing and business models at the overall level.


At the tactical level, work can usefully be done to identify the growth opportunities. An extended version of Ansoff's model above can be used in internal work with the sales organisation and distribution channels to identify new opportunities in their target groups:


Ansoffs extended growth strategies ENb


In a good interaction between sales management, KAM's, external and internal salespeople as well as e-business, considerable growth can be achieved at the tactical level.


When held together with normal tactical sales development based on the result model


The results model


then development can really be speeded up.


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