Business Planning

It's about competitiveness


Companies need to develop on an ongoing basis – otherwise competitive power will be lost. But how?


Could servicing the business model be a good place to start?


  • is the cost structure appropriate or should we make a few efforts to lower risk so that we are prepared for the next crisis?
  • are supply chains optimally put together or are there any need for adjustment?
  • are sufficient resources provided for the main sales channels, and could/should unit sales be replaced by subscription services?
  • are our processes sufficiently digitalized or will an investment be able to quickly reduce fixed costs or increase sales?


These are some of the issues that Brandculture facilitates to ensure competitiveness. And when the business model is geared to the battlegrounds of the coming years, then it is important to clarify whether the skills as well as the ability and desire to execute the strategy are present in the organization?


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