People Assessment

Does the organization have the right skills to succeed?


Many top executives have doubts about that. Therefore, a tailored assessment of the organization's competences and behavioral patterns may be key to qualifying significant investments, for example as a prelude to a larger training process. Because, when skills are clearly identified and assessed, you can work with greater precision and focus to improve the most important factors.


In addition to the clarification of competences, many companies  are also in doubt about whether key units and functions have the right behavior to be able to  solve tomorrow's tasks effectively and thus ensure competitiveness.


An assessment can also help clarify whether the team in a department or division is composed in the right way, whether there is clarity about the distribution of roles - or whether adjustments are needed.


Last but not least, an assessment of, for example, managers can also give the individual leader precise insight into their own competences and an insight into how management colleagues and employees experience their activities in everyday life. With this new insight, it is possible to make even better use of existing competences and to create a development plan for the areas that they want to improve.


Brandculture has developed a method of carrying out assessments and a form of reporting that provides important insights for the company, for the employees and for the managers involved.


Depending on the specific issue, a tailor-made set of analyses, tasks, assessments and interviews are put together. This is measured not only by generic competences, but also by very function-specific competences, which form the basis of an in-depth mapping of the specific competences of the functions that one wishes to be analyzed.


The overall assessment will typically include:


  1. Assessment center
  2. 360-degree measurement
  3. Personal analysis
  4. Qualitative conversationsIn addition to providing the organization with important knowledge, it is also a motivating process for the employees involved if done in the right way.


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