Category Management


How do you continue to find improvements in your work on category management?


Both at the company level and at the individual level, the work to improve the efforts in category management is a challenge that never stops. The possibilities for improvement are endless – no matter in which direction you look, things can be found that can be optimized. The challenge is to choose the right areas of improvement while maintaining the level of day-to-day operations so that the results are not withering.


To ensure that the work is adequately driven by data, it is important that the company and the individual choose to create the right analysis tools and routines around good decision-making. Customer analyses, spend analyses, turnover rate analysis, supplier follow-ups, price checks, etc. form the basis for both strategic and tactical decisions.


Strategic category  management must be based on consumers. With this in focus, and a good data base in your hands, decisions can be made about the role of the different categories and the importance of each sub-category for overall effort. Where to invest, where to increase in depth, where to position, which suppliers and brands should be prioritized, etc.?


Tactical category management works to find continuous improvements in earnings, turnover rates and customer satisfaction. It ranges widely from specific product choices, pricing and supplier collaboration to solving logistics challenges and training store employees.


Brandculture has helped a number of chains and wholesalers improve the work with category management and continuously works with several different approaches – the starting point should be the needs of the specific company and current workflows and not a rigid model of how things should be approached.

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