Business Negotiation

At both ends of the company's value chain, negotiations are an essential element in the creation of profitability. This means that a large proportion of the company's employees are involved in negotiations on a daily basis, either directly or indirectly by performing tasks that are included as parameters in negotiations with external stakeholders.


In the negotiating strategy for the company, it is about deciding the general conditions and priorities that will be taken in future negotiations with its stakeholders, e.g. prior to annual negotiations with suppliers, annual negotiations with wholesalers, implementation of new price lists in specific segments, etc. Here, negotiators must have defined clear guidelines, outcome space and mandates.


In the negotiating strategy towards the individual external stakeholders, it is about creating an overview of what you want with the partner, including the value to be attached to future cooperation. Then we need to analyse the power relationship between the parties so that the optimal strategy for the negotiations can be laid down. Read more about negotiating strategy here.


In the negotiating tactics,  it is a question of having planned and defined, in relation to each situation, the parameters and outcome space to which the debate is to be addressed. Thorough preparation, where evidence and statistics can be found to support one's negotiating position,  is essential. The decision on weighting between result and relationship must be taken. The tactical game where “quid pro quo” is in front requires experience and training for most. Read more about negotiating tactics here.


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