Product Management

In many companies, product management has an important and central role. Often it is from this function that essential parts of the company's everyday life are controlled.


Product managers combine and manage the range, initiate product development, conduct product marketing, and are often responsible for the product database, pricing, tender preparation, product training, warranty management, supplier prioritization, etc.


However, many companies find that the role is not clearly defined - and many product managers find that very reactive and administrative work is being done - and only a vanishingly small part of the work is experienced as forward-looking and results-generating.


With the right starting point, a changed and improved product strategy can help bring the company to the forefront of the market. However, this requires a clear market strategy and, above all, a structured plan for the process.


Brandculture's experienced consultants can help translate the company's strategy into a concrete plan for the development of the product strategy, so that one can become a market leader on the factors where one decides to be.


The Product Management Triangle

The company can improve on a number of factors, such as:


  • Clarification of the product strategy
  • Clarification of the role, focus and prioritization of product managers
  • Improved planning and internal marketing to put the business at the forefront
  • Analysis of range, categories and product performance - and decisions based on it
  • Shortened time-to-market for new products
  • Improved product marketing - with clear customer focus
  • Better value propositions
  • Improved handling of the sales organization and marketing channels
  • Improved pricing
  • Creating differentiation points in product marketing efforts


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