What does the innovation capacity of your business look like? How is your time-to-market for your products evolving?


We see Kodak film

The company's innovation comes in many dimensions.


Firstly, it is about the company's products and services. The actual core performance itself, how does it develop in relation to competitors, opportunities and markets? What about the possibilities for peripheral services, accessories, upgrades, etc.? What about the business model itself – do we take advantage of the opportunities to create new segments and better earnings?


Secondly, it is about our innovative capacity. Are our leaders and key employees able to lift the level of innovation? Do they have the toolbox? Do they have the culture and attitudes?


Thirdly, it is about our processes. Do we ensure the right processes and procedures in the different aspects of our ongoing development? Do we have the right balance between user-driven innovation and internally driven? Are we making enough use of our external stakeholders to turbocharge innovation? Do we have systems to ensure continuous development, improvements and optimizations, both in terms of products/services and when it comes to processes? And are we getting enough profitability out of innovation so that innovation is for business and not the other way around?


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