Service Development

Is there a correlation between the company's brand promise and the service that customers are actually experiencing? And do all functions of the company, including internal support functions, take responsibility and active part in the execution of the good customer experiences? These are two important issues.


There are two main disciplines within service in a modern company.


The general customer service

  • Where the customer journey, the experience of the company in the contact points and our ability to manage the customer's experiences with us as equal to or greater than expectations are the focus.
  • It's about managing and developing the experiences in the contact points, getting the systems set up for it and then making sure that employees go wholeheartedly into the effort where they can make a difference.
  • At the tactical and operational level, it is very much about execution and management, as well as steering the corporate and team culture in the direction needed to ensure the quality of the efforts.


The business 

  • Where service product management is a core discipline and where building the service products, securing the right business models and pricing models and not least the alignment and coordination with sale, marketing and operations is alpha and omega. Whether it is a pure service business or a "servitization" of its product range, there are great opportunities to develop, create growth and improve profitability.
  • At the tactical and operational level, it is about executing on the strategy and service product package that has been decided. Often, one of the challenges of an implementation phase is to ensure the necessary ability to succeed with sales and where a different approach is often needed than in traditional product sales.


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