Launch Management

Do we fully succeed with the introduction of our new products? Do we have good, fixed processes for how we launch – and do we have the right toolbox for it?


Most companies can get better at launching  their new products. The possibilities for improvement are usually in three areas:


Planning and preparing for the launch is the most common source of  launches not being fully successful. Often the project is time-pressed. Necessary sub-projects are put off too late and you often end up removing some of the planned activities and scaling down others. Here it is incredibly important to get a number of tools and fixed procedures built, just as the involvement of stakeholders becomes alpha and omega.


A plan for better launches typically includes these elements:


Launch management ENb


Each of these must be worked through and responsibilities clarified, and there must be continuous reporting indicating "readiness  levels" in relation to how ready you are to market, sell, deliver, etc.


It is usually paragraphs 5 and 6 that we see the problems emerge because we do not succeed in the implementation, where many of the key players who have to do part of the work do not join the "loop" and all of a sudden just face a new product and maybe a kick off arrangement without everything that is needed to create the sales is in place.


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