When deciding on its Go-to-Market efforts, the team needs a structural­ right approach, which is best illustrated by 6 basic questions:


Go to market ENb

  1. What is the service? Firstly, it must be clear what we are going to bring to market in the plan in question: is it a specific product? Is it a portfolio of products? Is it a solution or a concept consisting of both a traditional product and a number of additional offerings and services?
  2. Who are we selling it to? Who is the target audience? Are these our regular customers from other of our products, or is it a new target group, a new segment, a new market? Is the focus specifically on end-users, or is it about getting out and being present with a number of wholesalers in order to be accessible to the market?
  3. Why do they need the service? What is the need our service covers? How does the service create value for end users? How does the service create value for the sales channels? Why can our sellers be proud to go out with the product? How does this product differ from that of its competitors? How does this product differ from our other services? What is our value proposition for each audience?
  4. Where can we reach them? What distribution channels and marketing channels can we use to reach key people?
  5. How do we go to the market? How are we going to package communications, products and channels to make sure we are noticed? What is our USP, our "Unique Selling Proposition"? How should we prioritise the actions? How are we to price so that we get it right?
  6. When are we going to get out there? What should the timing be like in relation to ourselves, customers and competitors? In what order should we do things internally and externally? 


When the company needs to make larger market actions or needs to improve its performance in the field, it can be beneficial to get assistance for it – assistance that is in a different field than the one that the advertising agency can provide.


Have a dialogue with Brandculture about how the company can get help to set in motion a process to improve the go-to-market effort or if you have a very specific activity you want to turbo charge.



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