Key Account Management

Key account  management is one of the company's main opportunities in part to create calm and continuity in the company's basic business. But it is also one of the most obvious opportunities to grow the business if it is properly addressed.


When key  account management is immature in a business, it is handled by assigning a key  account manager to one of the company's largest customers or sales channels, after which they have to deal with everything.


When key account management is handled maturely, it is the entire company that moves together to ensure optimal operation and growth opportunities on the company's key accounts.


Key account work can be carried out at different levels, depending both on the opportunities given and on the abilities, you have in your company.


KAM stages


At each step there are different options for action – but in most cases the long-term goal is to move upwards in the KAM "stairs".


One of the most important tools in the work on key accounts is setting up the two organizations in relation to each other:


Key account management diamond model


One goes from a "butterfly model", where the KAM is the focal point of everything to the "diamond model", where the two organizations are tied into cooperation crosswise.


At the same time, continuous work must be done to optimise the costs of the cooperation, while at the same time feeding new revenue projects into the channels that are gradually being built up.


Have a dialogue with Brandculture about how the company can get help in starting a process to improve  its work with key account management, either by a concrete development project or by working to raise the level of competence so that people can do the job themselves. The best is often a combination.


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