Leadership development with customer focus

The journey begins in the company's senior management and beyond through the development of all the chain's managers. Because, if the managers do not have a sharp customer focus in the store, then the sales assistant does not have it either, and the customer will have the same meager experience as on the last visit to the store.

Process and education

Toghether with Brandculture,  group management defined the chain's strategy. A strategy with a focus on the customer and a strategy simple enough  be communicated at all levels of the organization. Because, the strategy will not be a success unless the employees feel a strong ownership and have a burning desire to live it out in everyday life. The most important key to getting the new strategy out in all departments was the development of the chain's 200 middle managers.  


Together with the chain's HR management, Brandculture therefore developed a management training process that qualified the middle managers over 3-4 modules - the last module at  Brandculture's  Leadership Training Camp. The training was built on training in classic virtues such as planning and prioritization, goal management and sales management, but always held up against the strategy. In doing so, we ensured that all disciplines were challenged with the question: "... and what does it mean for the customer?" It created a new and better customer focus. 



Because the chain's top management was adept at formulating a simple and communicable  strategy, it has been implemented faster and better through the middle managers than previous strategies. At the same time, the middle managers have had their toolbox filled up and have been particularly strengthened in their self-management and personnel and  sales management.

The employees' customer focus has increased, which has improved both the chain's hit rate and basket size. And then it's actually become even more fun to go to work. 


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