Mess in product management

A company had quite an efficient sales organization, but everyone in the company often pointed to the product organization with claims that "we get news later than competitors!," "what are the product managers really doing?" etc. At the annual kick-offs and strategy meetings, some backward and visionless plans for supplier strategy and products were presented.


The product managers themselves described their function as "a dumping ground for tasks". Everything the rest of the organization didn't want to do or had time for ended up with the product managers. The stress level was very high - and no one felt they were able to deliver quality work.



A process was initiated in which Brandculture's experienced consultants, together with management, clarified the role and importance of the function. Then the product managers worked their way through a process where insights into the role and function, as well as wishes and plans for the future were laid. Over 6 months, daily life and work were changed towards the future that had been drawn in a process, where workshops, coaching and sparring with the leader were some of the tools put into work.



Today, the product function and product managers have a clear and visible performance-generating role in the company. Clearer supplier strategies, product line plans and product marketing support has gotten the company back at the forefront and first in the market with the new products.


Internal pride and confidence has increased - not only among the product managers, but also in the sales organization, who are now experiencing a product function that helps to bring the company to the forefront.

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